Essay 1 self-introduction

Essay 1 self-introduction

My name is Kazune, and that Iam known as”Kazu”. My neighborhood is Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro may be the second largest metropolis in Kumamoto. Banpeiyu and rush, a type of fruit, are popular in there. My family live in Yatsushiro although I-live in Kumamoto currently.

My parents are music teachers. My father works at YAMAHA music-school, and my mum teaches guitar in the home. Ihave two sisters. One is actually a senior school pupil. Her college is my schoolis neighbor. Lately, although she can not read music notice, she registered steel band club. One other is a junior high school pupil. She belongs to golf team. I likewise have grandmother and grandfather. Their interest is golf. They’re going to perform golf every single day.

To the one hand, my hobbies are playing the piano, reading textbooks, specifically manga, drawing cases. And I’ve quit my club currently, but I’d belonged to ESS (English-Speaking Society) until last March. In my own hobbies, particularly, I am proficient at music. I actually was for nine decades and discovered automated wood. Therefore I may enjoy the electric body and guitar. I love music quite definitely. I likewise have enjoyed drawing on illustrations since my youth. After I was an elementary-school scholar, I would attract lots of illutrations at break-time with one among my friends. And when I used to be a junior-high college student and senior school pupil, some of my friends and that I usually canged our works eachother.

Along with them, I expose my personal favorite items. My favorite foods are shrimp, chocolate, crab and cod pasta. My favorite music group is SMAP. Customers of SMAP have become interesting as well as their tunes very good. They relax me very much. The best actor is Yukie Nakama. She’s wonderful. Since I viewed one of video dramas on TV I’ve enjoyed her. I also like manga greatly. I specially like ” FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ” . The cartoon was televised in not simply Asia but also America or England. It’s not unpopular in there, also. Therefore I’ve ever see the manga prepared in Language. And recently, the best tv-program is “ainori”. I can’t miss watching. I hate insects the absolute most all over the earth. I specifically hate spider.

I have my desire that is future and my goal now. The previous is currently getting a job with company which requires English, along with the latter is currently researching abroad to Australia. Since I have was a high school pupil, to review abroad long-time has been my target. And so I must analyze Language harder.

About my friends. I have a friend that is best. She is extremely kind and enjoyment. Whenever I’m in big trouble, I am helped by her. So I could talk everything. She lives in Fable now. She reports to be a room school-teacher. I also have a great deal of friends at my university. I prefer talking together. And that I enjoy my university life. Needless to say I enjoy learning English. Though I’ve to-do many homeworks recently, I’m pleased to review at Britain Kumamoto Gakuen School and America office. And someday I do want to be described as a speaker that is English that is great.

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Hello! I’m Yukiko. I wish with you to good friend. Let us discuss one another.

Hey there! Our title is London! I um.Well this is actually the very first time I&;ve even tried blogging or mentioned. I hope I could head to Japan.But Alternatively I&;m stuck lol, in foolish America. , I&;d like to notice more maintain publishing! ^_^ label is Nurul Izni.i need to know about you.Can I? I need to know how exactly to perform piano. I enjoy Japanese people.I need to incorporate you at Facebook. Could I?

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